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Christmas huts and Christmas markets: the most beautiful in Germany

Want to know which are the best Christmas markets to visit in Germany? You can now add these beautiful markets and their Christmas chalets to your itinerary if you are planning a trip to this country!

Indeed, German Christmas markets have been a real tradition for hundreds of years. These events take place every year in different cities around the country, and tourists from all over the world visit them.

The hot chestnuts, roasted sausages and glühwein, as well as the picturesque architecture that adorns each town, make these beautiful Christmas chalets well worth a visit.

If you are planning to visit Germany during this season, why not do so? This article provides a comprehensive overview of the country's best Christmas markets.

The 5 best Christmas markets in Germany

1- The Nuremberg market and its magnificent Christmas chalets

In the northern part of the Bavarian region, the city of Nuremberg is transformed into a real fairytale! The Christmas market on the medieval square creates a magnificent setting, surrounded by the majestic fountain and the cathedral façade. There is a reason why this market is at the top of this list. It is probably the most famous Christmas market in Germany. There is a carousel, a mini Ferris wheel and even a steam train for children!

The highlight of the market is the famous Nürnberger Lebkuchen, a rich gingerbread made into biscuits, figurines and whole houses. Not to mention the delicious Nuremberg grilled sausages, which you absolutely must try!

The Nuremberg Christmas Market also has over 200 Christmas chalets selling handmade German products, which you should grab without delay.

2- Munich, a very old Christmas market!

The Christkindlmarkt, which is located under the neo-Gothic spires and medieval towers of Munich's main square, dates back to 1642 and, according to the records of the time, most of the goods sold were the same as those you see today!

Discover the many Christmas stalls selling traditional products such as leather, wood, pottery or calligraphy (just like back then!). These stalls are surrounded by more than 300 Christmas trees, traditional ovens producing period breads and pastries, giant nativity scenes, and even an ice rink. This Christmas market is one of the largest and most authentic in Germany. And it is certainly the most medieval of all!

3- Frankfurt and its undeniable charm

Just like Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin, Frankfurt is home to several Christmas markets. They are also among the oldest and most fascinating in Germany. Admire the magical illuminations of the many Christmas chalets at the Christmas market near the town hall. The old-style half-timbered houses make the setting even more beautiful!

This Christmas market offers some of the best mulled wine in Germany, roasted nuts, fragrant gingerbread and delicious baked apples to delight your taste buds. In addition, it is famous for its tiny dried plum figurines, hot apple wine and the famous Bethmännchen!

4- Stuttgart and its beautiful wooden Christmas chalets

Stuttgart has many traditional Christmas markets if you are looking for something more classic. Every year, the city's five main market squares are transformed into one of the most impressive Christmas markets in Germany.

While admiring the large number of pretty wooden Christmas chalets decorated with lights, you can enjoy roasted chestnuts and sweet honey biscuits.

5- Cologne, an unmissable Christmas market!

Munich, the famous cathedral city on the Rhine, also has several renowned Christmas markets, each unique. In the old town, the biggest are those under the imposing Cologne Cathedral and on the Alter Markt. The latter features an ice rink and Ferris wheel as well as dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas chalets.

For example, at the Neumarkt, one of the oldest markets in the city, the Christmas chalets are decorated with angels and there are many handicrafts. Rudolfplatz, located under a medieval gate, is a children's area with a giant advent calendar!

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