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The most beautiful Christmas tales

Over the years, Christmas has inspired many authors to write about its spirit and meaning: Andersenn, Grimm, Perault... Charity, forgiveness, friendship, selfless love and generosity are at the heart of this spirit. You will find many examples of what makes the spirit of Christmas so special with the following few stories. Although originally written for children, these cleverly told Christmas collections will appeal to readers of all ages. The stories include a beautiful Christmas cottage, a fairy tale, thousands of gifts and snowy landscapes...

1-Christmas and Magic at the Pole Express, by Chris Van Allsburg

Its dreamlike story and detailed illustrations will make you love the original even more if you enjoyed the Tom-Hanks adaptation. Once upon a time, on a dark and snowy Christmas night, our young narrator boarded the Pole Express and was taken to the North Pole... where he met the man with the red coat who makes all Christmas wishes come true. A Christmas tale, full of magic, Christmas cottage, snow and little Christmas gnomes.

2- The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs

"The Snowman", in English, is a children's book by author Raymond Briggs. In 1982, this book was adapted into an animated film by Dianne Jackson. Without words, the story is told through images, action and music. On the program? A snowman, of course, a Santa's cottage and, above all, the birth and development of a beautiful but fragile friendship between a young boy, James, and the snowman he has built in his garden.

3- Santa Claus (and his Christmas cottage), by Raymond Briggs

From the same author as the previous Christmas tale, Santa Claus is a gruff widower from the north of England who has made a special entry into British, but also French, Christmas literature. Set on Christmas Eve, this book follows Santa's magical adventures, from breaking into Buckingham Palace to sipping a bottle of brandy by the fire. North Pole, Christmas cottage, Christmas reindeer and Santa's sleigh are always on the agenda.

4- Christmas movie : Home alone

More recent, this Christmas tale has become a very famous Christmas movie today. Here, we are less in the clichés of fairy tales where love, Christmas lights, elves, Christmas cottage and Santa Claus himself are at the heart of the film. It is rather a story mixing humor and a beautiful lesson of life, the one showing that family is something very precious. It is based on the character of Kevin, a little 8 year old boy forgotten by his family going on vacation in France. We let you discover the rest of this exciting and enthusiastic film!

5- The Christmas chalet : the movie

Finally, let's end with another simply magical Christmas story. The Christmas Chalet, the movie. A great classic, mixing love story, family, and of course: Christmas cottage! One thing is for sure, you will love the heroine of this popular tale.

To learn more about the movie The Christmas Chalet, check out our dedicated article ⇒ The Christmas Cottage

Speaking of Christmas chalet...

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