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The folding Chalet for fast food restaurants

Are you looking for a quick and easy to assemble folding chalet for your fast food event? Check out our Xmashut wooden event chalets!

Foldable chalets are the ideal choice for indoor or outdoor events requiring quality structures. They are often seen at festivals, food markets and Christmas markets around the world. With their unique structures, Xmashut wooden chalets have perfected the folding chalet design!

Need a folding chalet specifically for fast food? No problem! With Xmashut, you can rent easy-to-assemble wooden chalets that can be assembled in ten minutes on the site. After extensive research, the chalets have been designed and manufactured to be positioned almost anywhere without the need for additional anchoring, making them ideal for festivals and town centre markets such as Christmas markets.

An efficient and practical folding chalet

No, you don't need to be a professional to set up your folding cabin yourself! Find out here how to set up your folding chalet in 5 steps and in just 10 minutes! We are aware that you already have a lot to do and think about for your events. The assembly of your folding chalet should therefore be smooth and simple!

There are many options available with our wooden chalets, including lighting, power points, wired internet points, lockable doors, customised front lights or garlands, and much more. The design and specification of our chalets can be tailored to meet your fast food requirements. You will be able to offer drinks as well as cold and hot meals in your wooden event chalet.

An eco-responsible folding chalet

At Xmashut, we have a highly qualified team with many years of experience to ensure that your event runs smoothly. What sets us apart from the competition is the quality of the service we provide, as well as our environmental awareness. Indeed, we know that it is necessary to cut down trees to build wooden chalets, but we also know that it is important to give back to the planet what it has given us. That's why we replant trees with every folding cottage purchase, through our partnership with One Tree Planted. We also hold several certifications that you can find on our dedicated page: Our environmental certifications.

Wooden chalets for all your events

Want to know more about Christmas chalets? Check out our articles about the best markets in the world, such as the most beautiful markets in Italy!

Our collapsible chalets are perfect for Christmas markets, food markets, but also for corporate events, sports events, open-air sales points and festivals.

With our Xmashut folding chalets you can solve your complex market or festival event problems! Your fast food stands have never been so easy and efficient to set up!

As well as knowing what makes an event special, Xmashut has everything you need to make it unique!


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