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The most incredible Christmas anecdotes

Around the world, Christmas is celebrated in many ways in many countries. Holiday customs and decorations have developed in interesting ways over time, and their origins may be hidden in history. Test your Christmas knowledge with these Christmas facts!

1- The christmas tree

You can thank Prince Albert for your tree! It was when Prince Albert of Germany gave a tree to Queen Victoria of England that the tradition really took off across the Atlantic. The Illustrated London News actually published a drawing of the couple in front of a Christmas tree in 1848. It went viral (if we use the actual term)!

2- Coca-Cola and... the Santa suit

An old Coca-Cola commercial with Santa opening a Coke in front of a refrigerator created this "red Santa" (like the Coke!) image.

The image of Santa Claus was more frightening than joyful before Coca-Cola started using it for its advertising. And for good reason, a magazine ad depicting a not-so-attractive old elf was created by Haddon Sundblom in 1931.

3- The famous Christmas socks

Did you know that the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings by the fireplace started by accident?

According to the legend, it was thanks to a poor man who could not afford to pay the dowries of his three daughters. After the girls hung their freshly washed stockings to dry, old St. Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down their chimney. The gold ended up there, and the tradition has continued.

4- 31 hours to distribute Christmas gifts

If he really had to do it, our modern Santa would have to travel faster than light to deliver presents to all the children in the world on Christmas Day. This would leave him about 31 hours (taking into account all the time zones) to accomplish his mission!

5- The old Christmas trees

Did you know? In the late 1800s, artificial Christmas trees were made from grass hula skirts and dyed goose feathers. A second method used by the Addis Brush Company was to weave toilet brushes into pine-like branches to make artificial Christmas trees that were less flammable and could support heavier decorations.

6- Poland, Christmas... and spiders!

According to Polish beliefs, spiders symbolize prosperity and goodness at Christmas. It is common to decorate Christmas trees with these little creatures and their webs. According to legend, a spider wove a blanket to keep the baby Jesus warm.

7- Why does Santa Claus live at the North Pole?

Thomas Nast illustrated Santa's official residence as the North Pole in the 1800s. A series of expeditions had recently been made to the Arctic, and the North Pole was considered "mythical and magical" at the time.

8- Christmas has not always been celebrated on December 25

According to the Washington Post, the day of Jesus' birth is not mentioned in the Bible. For reasons unknown, the holiday was moved from January 6 to December 25 in the mid-fourth century.

Xmashut and its christmas chalets

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