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The most beautiful Christmas markets in the Netherlands

The most beautiful Christmas markets and chalets in the Netherlands

In which country can you visit a Christmas market in a cave or floating on a canal? Nowhere else but in the Netherlands! Christmas markets in the Netherlands are so unique, and while some people choose to visit neighbouring Germany and Denmark for their famous markets, the Netherlands is not to be overlooked.

And yet, a strange but true fact is that the country only sets up its markets and pretty Christmas chalets from the second week of December onwards, when city squares are transformed into large markets selling food, crafts, glühwein, oliebollen and all sorts of gifts that will put a smile on the faces of your friends, family and loved ones!

In this article, discover the 5 most beautiful markets and their Christmas chalets in the Netherlands!

5 must-see Christmas markets in the Netherlands

1- Visit the caves for the Valkenburg Christmas market

The Valkenburg Christmas market is a must-see, as it is located inside three caves! You can take a train from Maastricht to get there. There is a lot to do, including wine tasting, in this largest underground Christmas market in Europe. Not only can you find delicious homemade products and gifts, but the Christmas decorations are fascinating!

2- Amsterdam's Funky Xmas Market

The capital of the Netherlands is full of great Christmas markets to discover! One of the best is the Funky Xmas Market. With tons of Christmas chalets selling a variety of products and handicrafts, the Sunday market in Westergas is a great place to buy Christmas gifts every year!

3- The traditional Haarlem Christmas market

From Amsterdam you can take a fast train to Haarlem, home to a large traditional Christmas market.

Here, wooden Christmas chalets stand in Haarlem's main square, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, a bell tower lit up at night, a giant Christmas tree and atmospheric lights all around.

The market offers a wide range of gourmet gifts, as well as the Christmas chalets where you can buy food and drink to keep you warm!

4- The floating market in Leiden

There is no better floating Christmas market in the world than the one in Leiden, a charming medieval town only 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

On Leiden's main canal, floating Christmas chalets are set up all day, every day, from the second weekend in December until Christmas Eve.

These Christmas chalets are set up on platforms that cross the Nieuwe Rijn, so you won't really notice that you are floating.

About 90 of these floating Christmas chalets offer handicrafts, food and drink. In addition to a floating ice rink, there is a small stage where shows are performed!

5- The Norwegian Christmas market in Rotterdam

There are several Scandinavian Christmas markets organised by local churches in Rotterdam, including the Norwegian Christmas market at the Sjmannskirken (Norwegian Seamen's Church).

Whether you're looking for handmade Norwegian products, jumpers, jewellery or culinary specialties, this is the place to be.

You'll feel like you've stepped back in time when you enter the church, which is decorated with traditional sculptures and paintings.

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